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Myconos Tok Tok 1-Step PH-Balancing Cleansing Gel

Myconos Mild Perfecter

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Myconos Magic BB/CC Moist Air Cushion Compact with SPF50+

Myconos Deep Sea Whitening Cream

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Myconos’ skincare products are synergistic in that all the products are meant to be used as part of a skincare program from CLEANSING -> PREPARATION -> HEAL/RECOVERY -> PROTECTION. There are no one size fits all approach to skincare. You know your skin type the best and what works and doesn’t work for your skin. The steps outlined here are a general outline on how to get the best results from our skincare products. You will start to see results in 4-6 weeks, with skin firming, clarity, and blemish recovery.  Begin your skincare perfection with Myconos, nature’s gift to a healthier more beautiful you.


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 Use the Myconos Tok Tok 1 Step PH Balancing Cleansing Gel on a damp to dry face to remove any heavy makeup or eye makeup. Massage into your skin and watch as it gently breaks down the makeup buildup. Gently lather a small amount of the gel cleanser onto your face and throat areas and massage in small circular motions. This will remove the impurities built us throughout the day, like sweat and dirt. Wash off with warm water.

 In case you’ve never used toner before, “Toning” is balancing your natural facial PH and preparing the skin after cleansing, so it is in the best possible absorbent state for what is about to come next. After cleansing your face and towel drying, shake the bottle of Myconos Aqua Refresh Oil-In Toner, close your eyes, then spray a few pumps of mist onto your face.

This is one of the most important steps in Korean skincare and also one of the most often overlooked! Myconos Deep Sea Whitening Essence Serum moisturizes, heals skin tone blemishes, improves skin elasticity, and revitalizes the skin layers using Myconos’ proprietary “Tria Isorropia” Complex. Your face will feel refreshed and renewed with each use.

Use the intensive mask treatments 3 times a week. Depending on your skin needs, either go with Myconos Deep Sea Whitening Mask or Myconos Aqua Refresh Intensive Hydrating Mask, for added concentrated healing for your skin.

Moisturize and reduce the visible signs of aging and blemishes with, Myconos Deep Sea Whitening Cream. It’s a multi-symbiotic moisturizing repair cream which provides a long term moisture protection layer for your face. Formulated with the Myconos proprietary “Tria Isorropia” Complex, which combine the best ingredients for, blemish whitening, wrinkle reduction, skin elasticity. Apply to your face before going to sleep.

Apply daily to your face daily before other makeup for full range SPF protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays and to serve as a base for makeup.  Myconos Mild Perfecter Sun Cream is a lightweight non-greasy, water based formula suitable for all skin types with added anti-wrinkle and whitening effects.

After applying the Mild Perfecter daily Sun Cream, use the Myconos Magic BB/CC Moist Air Cushion Compact with SPF50+ liquid BB/CC cushion foundation as the final layer for your daily SPF protection. The cushion compact covers and blends any blemishes and creates a moist “dewey” look. Reapply throughout the day as needed.


Use the Myconos Aqua Refresh Oil-In Toner as a facial moisturizing spray mist throughout the day as a quick facial refresher.






Myconos is a new and innovative Luxury Korean Skincare company, specializing in premium skincare products that are formulated with the essence of natural minerals of deep sea water as a base for all skin types and balance the natural PH of the skin.


We balance nature and science to bring you the best of both worlds to help you attain flawless skin tone beauty.